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About Us

Across the nation, law enforcement professionals trust NLES to provide their crime scene investigation and forensic supplies.  NLES combines expertise, convenience, and value to connect our customers with high quality products at the right prices.

A Team of Experts

Our knowledgeable, dynamic CSI and Forensic Specialists work closely with our clients to identify the best products for their unique needs.  Every member of our team has hands on experience with every product we sell, so when our customers have questions, we have the answers.  We make our clients’ jobs easier with state of the art equipment because we stay informed about the newest technology available in the industry.  When you contact a member of our team, you begin a relationship with an expert who will provide valuable recommendations and exceptional customer service.

Easy and Efficient Ordering

Our clients are amazed at the time they save by ordering through NLES.  When law enforcement agencies order their supplies through dozens of different vendors, they have to search through dozens of catalogs and manage dozens of accounts.  NLES eliminates those hassles by housing all the necessary supplies in one place.  We offer tens of thousands of products, so our clients can find everything from fingerprint powders to digital cameras to paper clips. All on one convenient invoice.
Working with NLES means less time wasted on paperwork and more time doing the important work of law enforcement.

Competitive Prices To Save Your Department Resources

We recognize that budgets often limit the products a department can purchase. Our well-established relationships with renowned manufacturers translate to more favorable prices for our customers and allow maximizing budget funds.  As a result of our high volume purchasing strategy, the major suppliers offer us deep discounts. And we pass the savings on to you. Our customers save funds with our comparison shopping service, too.  When a product is available from more than one vendor, we present options and let you make the selection that best fits your need and budget.  Between our aggregate buying power and strong relationships with multiple manufacturers, our clients get the best quality supplies at competitive prices from NLES.