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October 31, 2013 - posted by: NLES Corp

Velocity Interview Mobile Solution

Velocity Interview Mobile Solution
Velocity Interview Mobile Solution

Velocity Interview Mobile Solution
Reorder No. DF-VIM

TRITECH Digital Forensics

Ideal for CAC and ICAC Investigators

After considerable market research, TTDF has designed both a mobile field interview capture kit as well as their Velocity Interview capture solution (a three room base design is shown). These two products will allow child crimes investigators (CAC and ICAC) to both capture interviews in the field as well as in the office in full HD audio and video quality.

“We are so excited to have developed these new products to help child crime investigators complete their investigations quicker with clean HD audio and video to help get convictions of their accused offenders. This in turn gets them off the streets to make communities safer for all children,” stated Troy Vasos, Vice President – Digital Forensics, TRITECH FORENSICS.

Velocity Interview Mobile Solution

The Velocity Interview Mobile Solution is the ultimate HD Portable Video Recording System with HD Mini-Camera and DVR system at your fingertips. With 720p HD footage, this small field or lab solution can travel anywhere required. Its compact DVR unit with touchscreen controls and nearly invisible “small” camera appear non-threatening, unlike like the big eyeball cameras with less resolution.

Additional features include the wired and wireless remote, allowing recording to begin no matter where the investigator may be located within the range of the remote. The absence of blinking red lights or other recording indicators allows the subject to remain unafraid and focused on the questions, allowing for a smoother interview process. With each of these carefully chosen components, the Velocity Interview Mobile Solution is ideal for interviewing children as it resembles a generic briefcase.

Included in the Velocity Interview Mobile:

  • Rugged Pelican case
  • Laser precision cut foam
  • HD Video Mini-Camera in full HD 6 settings from 320 x 240 to 1280 x 960 (mounted in kit)
  • HD touchscreen DVR recording unit
  • (10) 32GB SD cards (captures about 20hrs per card)
  • HD connection cable
  • USB cable
  • AC adapter
  • Extension cord
  • Wired remote and Wireless remote
  • Earphones for immediate “private” playback

Velocity Interview Management Solutions
Velocity Interview Management Solutions
Reorder No. DF-VIS

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Velocity Interview Management Solution

Interviewing a child after a reported instance of abuse or violence is difficult; it requires a special setting, gentle words, and much caring. Also difficult is the interview of a suspect with little regard for the law. While the process may be similar, the interviewer must use drastically different methods during the interview. One similarity, though, is the skeleton of the areas where these interviews will take place. Cameras must be in place and positioned to capture the conversation. Microphones must be present and able to “hear” well enough to pick up whispers. Recordings must be made for the courtroom, often accessory parties must be present, and communication is needed between the interviewer and the viewer.

TRITECH Digital Forensics has searched for superior components to create the unique Velocity Interview Management Solution. Included in the Basic 3-Room Package is Verint, one of the largest video management solutions in the world; this software is certified by Homeland Security as an anti-terrorism approved solution. The high-definition cameras capture 4 times the quality and pixels as the most commonly-used models while allowing for dual views, one standard and the other a close-up image, recorded simultaneously. Lourue Electronics technology enables audio recording through the camera(s) with a separate audio input for listening in the core room.

This exceptional technology for headphones, sound, and hidden microphones is known as the best in the Audio/Security industry. Also of critical importance is the software which supports the Investigation Log where reports can be completed and filled with video evidence.

As with all of TRITECH’s Digital Forensics products, the Velocity Interview Management Solution is built to support growth; additional cameras, mics, workstations, and more may easily be added to the initial package purchased. Installation, including on-site field technicians, as well as testing and warranties, are all included in the Basic Package pricing. Call your state representative for more details.

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