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One Simple Test for Identifying Synthetic Drugs

September 30, 2013 - posted by: NLES Corp

MMC Presumptive Drug Test Kits

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Identifying Bath Salts,

Synthetic Cathinones, better known as Bath Salts or Plant Food, is a chemical formulation that produces a number of reactions similar to cocaine or amphetamines when ingested. This synthetic drug can cause severe hallucinations, delusions, suicidal tendencies, and agitation in addition to physical symptoms like chest pains and increased blood pressure.

In September 2011, the DEA invoked emergency scheduling authority to control three chemicals used in the creation of bath salts, and the plan is to make these drugs illegal. Currently, they are still legal in a few states.

Synthetic Cannabis is often referred to as K2, Spice, or Kush. Although mostly marketed as herbal incense, when smoked, this chemically-treated plant blend mimics the effects of marijuana. The chemicals found in this blend have been known to cause hallucinations and severe paranoia. The use of Synthetic Cannabis has been linked to several deaths. Many local and government agencies have begun to ban the sale of this product.


Before MMC created their presumptive drug tests for identifying synthetic drugs, there was no customized presumptive test kit available in the market to test for these drugs. Some vendors suggest you use several individual presumptive drug tests to identify these synthetic drugs, which is expensive and time consuming. The MMC Presumptive Drug Tests for Synthetic Cathinones (Bath Salts or Plant Food) or Synthetic Cannabis (K2, Spice, or Kush) offer a cost-effective solution within one simple kit. The officer can now identify these synthetic drugs with just one ampoule!

Other MMC Presumptive Drug Test Kits

MMC Presumptive Drug Test Kits are safe, easy-to-use, and economical tests that present no environmental risks or concerns. They provide officers with results within seconds with high reliability and consistency. MMC kits even make it easy to test for drugs in liquid form such as GHB, GBL, or liquid XTC.

Unlike other presumptive drug testing kits, the MMC kits contain no dangerous liquids and do not require the use of an acid neutralizer. This innovative design eliminates any potential danger to the law enforcement officer when using these kits in the field. MMC has taken their tests a step further. Included on each ampoule is a safety guard covering the pre-scored glass. This safety guard shields the officer’s hands during use.

The hermetically-sealed, pre-scored glass test ampoules are filled with specially treated solid crystals which are impregnated with the highest quality reagents and then blanketed with a high purity nitrogen gas.

Unlike other drug testing kits, the MMC kits will maintain their bright colors indicating a positive test result for a longer period of time and allowing you to present the test kit in court if probable cause questions should arise. Given that there are no hazardous chemicals, disposal of the kits after testing or use in court is done simply by disposing the used test kit with your regular refuse.

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FDIAI’s 54th Annual Training Conference

September 26, 2013 - posted by: NLES Corp

Florida International Association for Identification
54th Annual Training Conference

Miami, Florida
October 20-24, 2013

Miami Downtown Hilton

Join us at the FDIAI’s 54th Annual Training Conference in beautiful downtown Miami, Florida, at the Miami Downtown Hilton.The conference will begin with the President’s Reception on Sunday night with Opening Ceremonies and Breakfast Monday morning.

Be sure to stop by Booth 35 for information and giveaways! Hope to see you there!

For more information or to register, visit the FDIAI website:

Check it out while you’re there:
From comes the best tip for a quick break: a downtown park right on the water. There isn’t an official beach name, but if you can find Bayfront Park, you can find this little gem of a sandy shore. Take a break, dig your toes in the sand with the locals, and take a minute to enjoy the sun and friendly vibe of this friendly park.

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